About Us

Welcome to our store!

Established in 2021, AgriLife is an agrivet outlet that has 17 stores in Visayas and Mindanao. Partnered with the best suppliers to create diverse and cost-efficient product offerings for your everyday animal husbandry activities.

AgriLife aims to create an avenue/space/outlet to serve all your agrivet needs. From a wide range of veterinary medicines, quality agrivet accessories, and feeds for all types of livestock, we assure to cater to all your needs.

Top Brands and Technical Services

Since its creation, AgriLife has strived to partner with only the most capable European and Philippines manufacturers of feeds, vets supplies and equipment, who share our vision to provide our country’s livestock and aquaculture industry the best of animal nutrition and technical know-how at the most competitive cost. quality products, formulated by European experts and manufactured by recognized leaders in the business, all made to fit your needs for each and every husbandry activity.

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