Turkmen Wedding Practices

Unlike many Western cultures, the Turkmen possess a old tradition of marriage. Marriage is known as a sacred deal between two individuals. Marriage in Turkmenistan is certainly traditionally held at an early age, usually inside the early twenties. A couple is usually expected to have a young child within one month of marital relationship.


Marriage ceremonies are a festive celebration for the Turkmen. They will include nationwide games and ancient Turkic rituals. Additionally , the marriage feast is certainly traditionally stored at the house of the groom’s family. Friends is going to feast about plov, a spicy lamb soup.

The groom’s family will provide the bride’s home with a international dating for chinese substantive amount of money. This is https://asianbrides.org/turkmenistan-women/ a lot of money, or in livestock or perhaps grain. The bride’s value is certainly an elaborate approach to redistribute wealth in classic communities.

The bride-to-be is accompanied by friends. Her friends defend her resistant to the groom. They are also responsible for caring for her children.

In the old days, the bride was generally carried on a buck. The buck was covered with a wonderful cloth called the “ikat”. The cover was performed of broadcloth or felted wool. The covering was large and usually quite delightful. https://www.unitedwecare.com/facts-no-one-will-ever-tell-you-about-online-dating/ The young star of the wedding also dressed in an olive shawl.

The wedding is performed by a mullah. The new bride is given a special headdress called a “takhya” or maiden headdress. It is embellished with padded flowers to symbolize the girl’s virginity. The takhya is then handed down to the groom’s youngest sibling.

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